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We won't be open to the general public this spring, We are under heavy construction . 

All new shelters and enclosures are being rebuilt.

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We are not allowed to  accept any Migratory Birds.

For Migratory birds please call: 1 877 457 5680.

They can tell you where to send the bird or other wildlife.

Please do not drop off birds and run!

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Mitch the Eagle

This is an amazing story about an Afghan eagle that was shot and some Navy Seals rescued it,

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Puffy Memorial Pigeon Aviary

Our new pigeon memorial has a water fall and plenty of room to fly.

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Liz's Lizards

We are developing a display area for our lizards, frogs and small creatures.

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Wish List

We are always in need of medical supplies, for for our resident birds and fencing, etc.

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Kiki Parrot Pavilion

We are finished with the exterior and we are working on the interior.

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Northern Spotted Owl

I love this story, This Flamingo is having a great life.

In the 14 years since its escape, the flamingo known as No. 492 has been spotted in several states.

The flamingo known as No. 492 for the band it wears on its leg "made its break" with another flamingo from the Sedgwick County Zoo after zookeepers failed to clip their wings and they took off during a storm, never to return.

“No. 492, and the other flamingo who escaped, both went separate ways,” the Wichita Eagle reported. “No. 492 went to the Gulf Coast and the other went up north. The Eagle reported in 2009 that no one has seen the northern bird since August 2005.”

Last week, the pink bird was again spotted on the Texas coast by a photographer and its image was posted to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page.

The zoo told the newspaper that No. 492 is 24 years old and could live up to age 50 in the wild.


This is a story of love and devotion

Her name was goosey, She died shortly after her arrival. we think she missed her friend and she just did not want to be here without her caretaker.

This is an amazing video about a very amazing Crow!

A sad day for us. After 27 years caring for a blind Golden Eagle. She passed away. She had a great life and hatched a few eaglets that were released into the wilds.

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Northern Spotted Owl

This is an amazing story of survival.


A Word From Ward

Pigeons: Times They Touched My Life
By Dr. Ward Stone

My memories of pigeons go back to early childhood. A picture in the living room of my mother’s home depicted an eighteenth century American barnyard which held some pigeons and a nesting area provided in the barn eves. Apparently this scene was true-to-life as boy told me that he was contemplating a pigeon trap that would be baited with corn to “take care” of a few resident pairs in his hay barn. His plan was to kill the pigeons with a slingshot and eat them. World War II was on then and I think he was unable to carry out the planned “pigeoncide” due to the bigger worries that came with the country being at war.

Later on, I remembered seeing the common multicolored pigeons on Main Street near the train yards in Chatham, New York. They were not disbursed and I suspected that fortunately for the pigeons, the young lad in the past had gained little support or interest from the public in his quest to destroy the Rock Dove.  read more...


Dr. Ward Stone talks about PFOA Contamination

Dr Ward B. Stone, Environment Consultant  518 505 6748

In Remembrance of Philip R. Harris.
Phil  was a long time friend and supporter of the Berkshire Bird Paradise in Petersburgh, NY.
He developed an early interest in ornithology, particularity in waterfowl and larger birds. He had a wide knowledge of many species and their habits. He was a long time member of the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society (APWS). He really enjoyed attending meetings and participating in many of their their tours to various bird sanctuaries .He was also a member of the Hudson Mohawk Bird Club and the New York State Ornithological Association. He was also a member of the Taconic Hiking Club.

Spunky the racing pigeon is one tough bird.

The woman who brought the bird in said a driver on Pearl street in Albany, NY went out of his way to kill the pigeon but he's OK and doing well, eating and is very friendly and perky.

Peter is rehabilitating Spunky, he will make it.


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A Big Thank you to all of the Musicians, Volunteers and our Sponsors for a really nice festival. The music was really great and everyone had a good time.


Hope to have another festival in 2018


WEQX Radio station in Mancheshter, VT. " EQX The Real Alternative" 

Fine Line Multimedia in Lenox, MA.
Grafton Lakes State Park

Healing With Wholeness, Easthampton, MA

Blossom Journeys, Amherst, MA 
Group Travel Experiences Created with Intention

Birds of a Feather Music & Nature Festival Sept 9, 2017

The Birds of a Feather Music & Nature Festival is a daylong event, featuring bands, workshops, guided trail hikes, craft vendors, food trucks and so much more... Bands will play throughout the day and include national acts such as Sean Rowe, The Rustic Overtones, and Sam James. The mission of this event: In partnership with Grafton Lakes State Park and WEQX 102.7, we hope to bring like-minded individuals together who support the arts, nature and environmental conservation.

100% of the proceeds go to support the nearby Berkshire Bird Paradise, a bird sanctuary for disabled and injured birds. They strive to give them a safe haven to live thrive and rehabilitate as best they can. They are dedicated to educating people to recognize the beauty of Nature's world which surrounds our busy lives. We are all part of the web of life and all life is precious.

Go to web site:

For more information, please email

Hope to have another festival in 2018


We are open

But some of the areas are still under construction. The two new additions, Kiki Parrot Pavilion and the Puffy pigeon memorial are open.

Here's the latest photo of Mitch the Eagle. The Navy Seal who rescued Mitch wanted to see how he was doing. He's doing great. He is a full grown adult Afghan Eagle. Much bigger than he was when he arrived.

Update on our construction projects.

Our new Puffy Memorial Pigeon Aviary is just about finished and the birds are loving it.

There's fresh water running down the rocks. Pigeons are rock doves and the like to stay in the rock shelters. which are cool and safe.

We have many bird species living together in harmony.

Here's some photos.


The rock doves like their new natural environment.

Kiki Parrot Pavilion

The building is up and it looks beautiful. The interior is ready for electrical and plumbing. This will be an exciting display where you can walk up and see the parrots up close, the area will be sectioned off for different species. This will be a state of the art building with climate control and beautiful designed. This is a memorial to Kiki a well love parrot. Here a few photos:


Kiki Parrot Pavilion


We are working on the inside. There will be live trees that roll on wheels and plants galore.

The Kiki Parrot Pavilion is getting it's interior painted. We insulated and wired the lights. Now for the paint job. The Pavilion will be finished for our Spring opening on Memorial Day.

Parrot pavilion painting

More photos coming soon.

Come Visit! This is a very unique place.
wonderful for the whole family

Adults: $8, Children: $5
We do have a group rate of $5 per person
We don't have funding just our admission to
help feed and care for our birds

We are open from 9:am to 5:pm seven days a week from
mid May to the end of October.

Take Route 2 east or west, until you get to Grafton, NY
Just 3 miles east of Grafton State Park, turn on Babcock Lake Road by the elementary school.

take Babcock Lake road a mile of so, then turn right on to Red Pond Road follow the signs and you're there.

See contact page for map

We are located in Grafton, NY
see map below

Mailing Address
Berkshire Bird Paradise
43 Red Pond Road
Petersburgh, New York 12138
Peter Dubacher, Director,

(518) 279-3801

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email volunteer:

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Northern Spotted Owl