About us

About Us

Berkshire Bird Paradise is a non for-profit organization that begin its efforts in caring for injured, endangered and displaced bird species in 1975 by its founders William Dubacher and his son Peter Dubacher. In 1987 the paradise became a 501c3 non for profit organization and its efforts in caring for many different species of birds began.

Peter Dubacher as well as many others were able to build year after year on the sanctuary grounds housing over 200+ birds and giving them a proper life in captivity. The sanctuary has a parrot house, Pigeon pavilion,Exotic bird aviary as well as many enclosures for the native species of raptors. Peter Dubacher has released many baby eaglets born at the sanctuary and released them all over New York State. Every bird at the sanctuary has an incredible story if you would like to learn more about our birds please don’t hesitate to call or email us.



Upstate NY Bird Sanctuary caring for injured and displaced birds, Some of the birds that call our sanctuary home are a Golden Eagle, American Bald Eagles, Red Tailed Hawk , Owls, Parrots, Exotic bird species, Pigeons, Domestic Birds and many others.

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